K2M Photography

Based out of Nassau County [New York] K2M Photography can be found on many firegrounds highlighting the fire service in action. Off the fireground K2M Photography has been trusted by many family, friends, and strangers to capture important moments in their lives. Examples of this work can be found in the special occasions section in the “miscellaneous” folder.

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CONTACT US:  photographybyk2m@gmail.com

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/k2mphotography

Check us out on YouTube: K2M Photography on YouTube

Instagram:  @k2mphoto

There are hundreds of photos in each of our firefighter close-up galleries!  Check out the links below! 

2020 Firefighter Close-Ups

2019 Firefighter Close-ups

2018 Firefighter Close-ups

** All apparatus galleries have been updated and can be found on the link below! **

Fire Department Apparatus Galleries

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